Public Presentation


In this 10-week seminar – co-taught by Science in Society and Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications – Northwestern graduate students hone their writing skills through authentic writing assignments for general readers. The course is supported by TGS and open to all STEM+ PhD candidates....


HELIX is both a digital magazine and a training program to help scientists build public science communication skills.

 Any scientist at Northwestern can participate. Our editor works with all contributors to hone writing skills and develop storytelling techniques with the ultimate aim of presenting scientific content to...


Scientific research generates new understanding and innovation – but it can also yield unexpected, often breathtaking, beauty. This contest, and its subsequent exhibitions pique curiosity, providing new gateways into research and creative opportunities for diverse communities to connect to and explore Northwestern’s...

A digital science magazine published by Science in Society and written by Northwestern faculty, students and staff.

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