Public Presentation

In this 10-week seminar, students hone their writing skills through authentic writing assignments for general readers. 
Training and support includes:
  • Editorial feedback and support from faculty and professional writers.
  • Training in popular science writing techniques and best...

Science in Society partners with other outreach organizations on events aimed at bringing science to the public.

In November 2010, SiS helped organize Northwestern University’s first TEDx event, called “Identity,” which explored how scientific...

HELIX magazine connects the public with cutting-edge research and scientific frontiers both at Northwestern University and worldwide. HELIX contributors receive training and support in science writing and communication from our dedicated editorial team. 
One-on-one support and editorial training includes:...
The same scientific research that generates new understanding and innovation also brings unexpected and often breathtaking beauty. Northwestern University's annual scientific images contest, "Capturing the Beauty of Science," celebrates and showcases the aesthetic side of research.  Images are submitted by Northwestern researchers...

A digital science magazine published by Science in Society and written by Northwestern faculty, students and staff.

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