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The District 65 - Northwestern Partnership Coordinator role was developed as a bridge-builder, to connect Evanston schools and Evanston's burgeoning EvanSTEM network of in...


With support from Science in Society and visiting scientists and faculty, high school students in this program undertake a genetics case study, learn about a hereditary health disorder, and use DNA-based laboratory diagnostics to determine the likelihood of mutation in the fictional patient. Afterward, students assess risk around...


Science Club Summer Camp is a three-week paid summer training and practicum program designed to help CPS third grade teachers meaningfully integrate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in their own classrooms.

Support and training includes:

  • Exploring what NGSS means for the classroom
  • Learning from...

HELIX is both a digital magazine and a training program to help scientists build public science communication skills.

 Any scientist at Northwestern can participate. Our editor works with all contributors to hone writing skills and develop storytelling techniques with the ultimate aim of presenting scientific content to...

A digital science magazine published by Science in Society and written by Northwestern faculty, students and staff.

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