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Science Writing Magazine + Training Program
HELIX magazine connects the public with cutting-edge research and scientific frontiers both at Northwestern University and worldwide. HELIX contributors receive training and support in science writing and communication from our dedicated editorial team. 
One-on-one support and editorial training includes:
  • communicating effectively to a public audience
  • employing writing techniques to explain complicated scientific topics
  • developing narrative skills to engage lay-readers with complex ideas
  • honing writing skills over multiple drafts and revisions
  • opportunities to share the important research being conducted at Northwestern with the community 
Contributors write about their own research or areas of scientific interest. Previous articles have explored contagious cancers in animal populations; talking with family about climate change; new techniques in gene editing; Luigi Galvani's 18th century animal electricity experiments; the role of microbes in the making of mozzarella; and the history of the electron microscope.
Researchers, including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, are often at the forefront of research but their specialized training has provided little experience sharing their work (and their love of science) with the public. The magazine was developed to provide early-career researchers with the training and skills needed to communicate their work to a lay audience. Through HELIX  magazine, students, staff, faculty and even alumni share their research and the wonders of modern science with an international readership, with support and guidance from our editorial team. 
"I would recommend this to every student, professor and faculty member. It was invaluable to have personalized feedback on my writing. The HELIX experience provides an amazing opportunity for growth as a writer and communicator." – Andrew Lai, PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering  
  • HELIX magazine had 240,000 unique readers in 2016
  • Writers receive 10+ hours of individual coaching and feedback


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Interested in writing for HELIX?
Northwestern students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome to be a part of the magazine's writers corps. Contact HELIX Editor, Sara Grady, to talk about the training program and upcoming editorial calendar at sara.grady@northwestern.edu

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