Science Club Members Advance to City Science Fair

Science in Society
January 28, 2015

Two members of Science in Society’s Science Club program took home prizes at the Ravenswood Network Regional Science Fair, earning them spots in the city fair in March.

Adriana J., an 8th-grade student at McCutcheon Elementary School in Uptown, won for her project “Our Food on Fruit Fly Reproduction Rates.” The project looked at how food types affect the reproduction rates of fruit flies. Adriana compared organic and non-organic food sources using different types of fruits and vegetables. She hopes that this can be used as a model to help humans make better food choices.

Jennifer B., also an 8th-grade student at McCutcheon, won for her project “Coil Size on Electric Motor’s Speed.” Designing an electric motor using wires, ring magnets and a battery, Jennifer was able show how energy comes in different forms. This project highlighted the engineering skills Jennifer has acquired during her participation in Science Club. 

Both students worked on their projects during Science Club’s fall quarter, where Northwestern University mentors helped Science Club members refine and test their projects in preparation for the regional fairs.

Science Club mentors assisted the students with project design and execution, challenging students to develop projects that solve problems using the scientific method. Mentors also helped students to gather results and analyze data.

With the mentor’s assistance, Jennifer and Adriana were able to push their projects to new heights while exploring interesting scientific concepts. Both students will compete at Chicago’s city fair in March.


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