Science Explorers launches at Mather High School

Science in Society
February 23, 2016

Science in Society has embarked on a new adventure: offering in-school programming! We’re partnered with Mather High School in West Rogers Park, Chicago, to support incoming freshman with science and learning skills during the transition to high school. The first cohort of students has named themselves Science Explorers.

Science Explorers builds on the success of Science in Society's Science Club program by using a similar small group mentoring model, this time focusing on in-school support. The program works with 9th-grade students twice a week to improve not only their science grades but also the critical success skills including academic behaviors, academic perseverance, and academic mindset. This project is funded by a grant from the AT&T Foundation for $400,000 over three years.

The program is currently in the pilot stage with fifteen students being served twice a week by Northwestern scientist mentors. During the 2016-2017 school year, the program will roll out to a wider student population with five full-time Science Teaching Fellows based at the school. Recruitment for these fellows will begin in spring 2016.


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