YOUmedia Youth Get a Taste of Northwestern Science

Science in Society
February 27, 2015

Five scientists from Northwestern University visited the YOUmedia space at Harold Washington Library in Chicago, Illinois, this month to provide hands-on science activities for youth.

Three of the visiting scientists, Aaron Geller, Elizabeth Hicks and Mark McClendon, were winners of Science in Society’s 2014 scientific images contest “Capturing the Beauty of Science.” The winning images have been on display across from the YOUmedia space for the past few months, and will remain up through March. This is the second year that Science in Society has teamed up with YOUmedia to bring Northwestern science to the library as part of the scientific images contest initiative.

The scientists represented a variety of research groups at Northwestern. Geller and Hicks, from the Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA), presented visualizations and hands-on demonstrations that explored how starts evolve and change over time. McClendon, from The Stupp Laboratory, facilitated an activity that showed how scientists are using stem cells and new materials to repair the human body. And, Natalie Fredrick and Laura Shanahan, from Northwestern University Brain Awareness Outreach (NUBAO), presented a demonstration in which a cockroach leg is hooked up to a speaker to show how the brain uses electrical signals to move our limbs.

In October of 2014, YOUmedia youth also had the opportunity to travel to The Museum of Science and Industry to participate in Jr. Science Cafés with winning scientists.

YOUmedia Chicago is an innovative teen learning space with locations at 11 Chicago public libraries.


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