Oncofertility Consortium

The Oncofertility Consortium is a nationwide, interdisciplinary group led by Northwestern University researchers, dedicated to the advancement of technologies that will provide improved fertility preserving options to cancer patients.

Medical advances in cancer detection and treatment have greatly improved survival rates for cancer patients. To address the host of new healthcare and quality-of-life issues that have arisen for young cancer patients, Northwestern University has developed the Oncofertility Consortium, which unites biomedical and social scientists, oncologists, pediatricians, engineers, educators, social workers, and medical ethicists, to explore the reproductive future of women facing a life-preserving but fertility-threatening cancer treatment. 

Of note, the Oncofertility Consortium and Women's Health Research Institute created the Women’s Health Science Program (WHSP) for High School Girls & Beyond to provide science education programs to females from underserved communities. WHSP targets young women who are considering careers in science and medicine and prepares them with valuable knowledge and skills to successfully become the next generation of women science leaders.

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