District 65 Educators Learn Science of Sound, Practice ‘Teacher Magic’

A group of teachers crowds around Jen Lewin, the Northwestern/District 65 Partnership Coordinator at Science in Society. She is spinning a vinyl record like a DJ, picking up speed with each revolution. But, despite the turntable’s recent return to fashion, there are no record players in sight. There’s only a lazy susan – the kind you’d see in a family-style restaurant – and a cone made of a plain sheet of printer paper, rolled and pinned into shape with a sewing needle.

CPS Teachers Hone STEM Education Skills at Science Club Summer Camp

“This is why I can’t wear green!” laughed meteorologist Tracy Butler. Monika Roszkowski, a 3rd-grade teacher at Cameron Elementary, stood in front of a green screen in the ABC-7 newsroom. She watched her green sweater disappear; in its place, a map of the Chicago suburbs.

Earlier this summer, Butler gave Monika and seven other 3rd-grade Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers a behind-the-scenes tour of the ABC weather station. These teachers were part of Science Club Summer Camp’s Weather and Climate cohort. 

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