Ashley Jennings

Program Coodinator, Science Club

Ashley Jennings’s path to science education was logical, although not entirely direct. She grew up in the Chicagoland area but has been living back and forth between Illinois and Massachusetts since college.  

Ashley graduated from Wheaton College (Norton, MA) in 2007 and went on to complete two Master’s degrees. She received her Masters in Project Management from Northwestern University in 2009, and her Masters in Marine Biology from Boston University in 2014. As a graduate student at BU, she had the opportunity to teach and participate in educational outreach through Boston Public Schools. It was through these experiences that Ashley decided to combine her skillsets in management and science and pursue a long-term career in science education.

Prior to returning to Northwestern as a program coordinator and science education specialist for Science Club, Ashley worked at BU as the Lab Supervisor in the Introductory Biology Teaching Program. Ashley is a quirky individual; she is incredibly passionate about ecology, the environment, sharks and her dog named Purple. She is thrilled to be back in Chicago and joining the Northwestern Science and Society and Science Club teams!


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