All of our programs are driven by the following core values:

Community-focused and collaborative

We partner with community groups and Northwestern Units to develop educational initiatives that have meaningful impact. We embrace our partners’ priorities and values.

Committed to building relationships

Trust and respect are at the core of SiS’s philosophy. We have as much to learn from our partners as they learn from us. Our partnerships are true two-way relationships built on mutual goals and a strategy for success.

Focused on long-term, sustainable initiatives

In science education there are no quick fixes. Whether working with graduate students on an exciting article about their research, or mentoring middle school students in Chicago Public Schools, we understand and embrace the need for longer-term educational commitments. We don’t rely on one-off events to develop young minds. It takes a committed, longer-term effort to build a relationship that leads to meaningful outcomes.

Committed to the highest standards of quality

Each of our initiatives is thoroughly evaluated, with the results shared and discussed with our partners. We continually strive to develop the most impactful, evidence-based programs.

Working where the need is greatest

With great need often comes great opportunity. Many schools, families, and community groups lack resources necessary for success. We prioritize work that serves groups in need of such support.

Innovative and creative

Whether it’s our Science Club program or our Scientific Images Contest, we develop new, exciting approaches to engage and inspire audiences both young and old.

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