Junior Science Club at Y.O.U.

Designed specifically for 3rd through 5th grade, Junior Science Club hopes to foster excitement, curiosity, and interest in science. Science in Society leads weekly afterschool programs where elementary school students gain skills and explore the world of science with the support of Northwestern mentor scientists.

"Science in Society brings a philosophy and culture focused on mentoring, meeting youth where they are, combining opportunities for both action and reflection, a flexibility and willingness to create units that work for Y.O.U." says Casey Varela, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Y.O.U, one of the key partners in the project. "The skills learned through this program not only prepare our youth for a changing economy where STEM fields are continuing to grow but also gives them 21st-century skills like communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking needed for pose-secondary and life success."

Junior Science Club explores all scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics, and teaches kids the basic skills needed to be an observant and curious scientist. Junior Science Club runs quarterly throughout the school year.

Junior Science Club is located at Dawes, Oakton, Washington and Walker Elementary Schools in Evanston. 
Science in Society staff realized there was a need for Junior Science Club when younger siblings of Science Club's middle school members started showing up to Science Club. They wanted to learn about science too! Thanks to a partnership with Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.), Junior Science Club opened in Evanston in spring 2015 to provide afterschool, mentor-led, hands-on science for elementary school students. Successful spring and summer projects led to the establishment of two after school programs in the 2015-2016 school year, expanding to four schools in 2018. Learn more about our partnership with Y.O.U


Junior Science Club
Chambers Hall, 600 Foster St
60208 Evanston , IL
Phone: 847-467-3297

Get Involved!

We are currently recruiting Junior Science Club mentors to support our two program sites in Evanston. Learn more about mentoring here and please email D65 Partnerships Coordinator Jen Lewin at jenlewin@northwestern.edu if interested. 

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