Northwestern - District 65 Partnership

The District 65 - Northwestern Partnership Coordinator role was developed as a bridge-builder, to connect Evanston schools and Evanston's burgeoning EvanSTEM network of in-school and out-of-school educators to share resources and expertise. 

The coordinator supports a range of projects and programs within the district to support teachers and leverage university resources toward a common goal: improve access and engagement for students who have traditionally underperformed or have been underrepresented in STEM programs.

The D65 Coordinator, which supports the EvanSTEM group and fosters partnerships between Northwestern and D65, is an SiS staff member. This staff member is embedded at D65 to better identify and execute on opportunities for collaboration between Northwestern and D65 schools and teachers.


Get Involved!

Are you a District 65 teacher or administrator looking to connect with Northwestern University’s STEM resources? Contact our D65 Coordinator Jen Lewin at

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