Science Club: Clean Water Challenge

Science in Society
February 28, 2014

This quarter Science Club kids dive head first into understanding water quality and access, particularly examining the water crisis in Haiti. Students are working with their scientist mentors to analyze contaminated water samples and design water filtration devices that can restore water health.

To expand the impact of their project, Science Club is also working on several fundraising projects to raise money for clean water charities around the world, adding a real world element to this quarter.

One of their fundraising projects is a campaign supporting Charity: water, a foundation that helps to build water wells and distribute water filters to communities in need. Science Club’s goal is to collectively raise $500, which is enough to provide 25 individuals with access to clean drinking water. Upon completion of their campaign, Charity: water will provide photos and GPS coordinates showing exactly where Science Club made an impact in the world.

Students are selling snacks to their peers at the Pedersen-McCormick Boys & Girls Club in order to help them in reaching their fundraising goals.

Science Club, along with other members of the Pedersen-McCormick Boys & Girls Club, has also partnered with Students Rebuild to help bring safe water to the schools and communities of Tanzania. Kids are working to craft paper beads that will be exchanged for monetary donations towards these water projects.

If you would like to support Science Club and their clean water fundraising campaign, you can donate directly on the Charity: water website at:

Please feel free to share this link with friends and colleagues; anything received is a huge help.


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